Italian Business and How We Can Help

Being at the centre of coffee culture, having a grand history and glorious weather are all great reasons to head to Italy but there could be far more below the surface of this Mediterranean paradise than just ristretto and Romans.


Being a big player in the European Union means that Italy has close and very strong trade ties with other European counterparts and with an economy that brings in a lot through luxury goods, such as fashion design, sports cars, wine and coffee, they trade with some of the wealthiest nations in the world and happen to be the 7th largest exporter on the planet.

Because of this the infrastructure in the country is of the highest standard and well maintained so that the links with other European countries are at their peak as well as transport options for goods and business links being highly efficient and speedy with Italo high speed trains being the fastest in Europe.

Italy itself is a major economic force after transforming its economy from an agricultural based one to a post-WWII industrialised powerhouse. Italian purchasing power parity is well above the EU average whilst they remain a serious influence and innovator in the business economic sector.

All this provides the perfect environment for setting up a business but the bureaucracy in Italy can, infamously, be a little tricky to navigate and that’s where we can help!

Our wealth of experience and extensive international client base ensures that we understand the demands of setting up a company in Italy if you do not speak Italian, have no prior knowledge of the country and are time sensitive. We will do everything for you so that when you do come to Italy all your meetings will be arranged in a logical sequence and we will accompany you to each of these meetings so that you will clearly understand the procedures and you won’t waste time. Most of the meetings can be arranged for you in a day so that you will only need 24 hours to meet with the bank, notary, accountant and lawyer for your new Italian company, subsidiary, branch or trust.

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