Expo Milan 2015

Italy will host the next world expo in 2015 with the central theme being “Feed the planet – energy for life”. The country is world famous for its culinary tradition and therefore the perfect host for the event which is scheduled to run from the 1st of May until the 31st of October.

Over the 6 month period around 20 million participants from 140 nations will gather at the exposition, a global, educational and scientific event which aims to unite countries, institutions, citizens, and companies from around the world. Together they will explore how elements of innovation in technology and science relate to the development of global food.

More than 60 self-built exhibition spaces will house the expo along with 5 theme pavilions and a theatre and performing arts centre for conventions, policy meetings, world debates, cultural and gastronomic events.

The main themes debated during the exposition will be:

          Science and technology for food safety, security and quality

          Science and technology for agriculture and biodiversity

          Dietary education

          Food for better lifestyles

          Food and culture

          Cooperation and development on food

The large scale nature of this event draws attention to Italy as a successful business environment. As well as promoting the country’s infrastructure and services, the host city Milan can also demonstrate to investors the range of business opportunities available both before and after the event, encouraging more long term investment.

In preparation for the expo Milan is undergoing an urban redevelopment to facilitate the flow of tourists and represent the city in the most attractive way. Located in the heart of Lombardy, the most populated and developed region, Milan is the most important city of northern Italy, balancing business with an amazing and international cosmopolitan flavour.

Expo Milano 2015 is a great opportunity not only to the participants who are directly involved, but also to the companies that can provide products and services to the millions of expected visitors.  This includes event goods and services, construction, operations and management of the events, building and operation of tourist’s services. There are also various marketing opportunities for companies to promote tourists packages, travel, and accommodation solutions to the huge influx of tourists generated by the Expo.

If you are a foreign company looking to enter in the Italian market, Expo Milano 2015 gives you the rare opportunity to launch new products and services, or promote existing ones, to 20 million people, vastly expanding your international visibility and reach.

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